EXCLUSIVE: Crazy Legs Remembers Battle That Got Him Into Rock Steady Crew + MORE (VIDEO)


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(AllHipHop News) Greatness is rarely premeditated and as improvisational as B-Boy dancing is, a few of its greatest evolutions were by complete accidents. During the final part of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Crazy Legs, the legendary dancer explains how losing got him into Rock Steady Crew, the origins of his famous “Windmill” and more.

Rock Steady Crew was established in 1977 by its founders Jimmy Dee and Jimmy Lee. Crazy Legs would not join the group until 1979 after battling the founders and according to his recollection, his initiation happened following a loss:

I don’t remember the music, but we battled at Jimmy D’s building on Echo Place in the Bronx. It was me and my cousin Lenny Len versus Jimmy D and Jimmy Lee. Honestly, I remember losing. [Laughs]. That’s what I remember the most. But, the best thing out of that is we already knew them and they had noticed the progress we were making and they saw the potential in us and they gave us a shot.

One of Crazy Legs’ claims to fame is his famous “windmill”. Originally referred to as the “continuous backspin”, Crazy Legs describes the discovery of one of the most impactful B-boying moves “accidental evolution”:

I was going into a backspin. I was coming out of the backspin and I was going to go into a chair freeze, I over rotated and went back on my back again.

Check out the third and final part of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Crazy Legs below:

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