EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jones Explains Why Eminem Isn't In His Top 5, Craziest Fan Moment + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems…unless you’re a vampire like Jim Jones. Jim Jones spoke EXCLUSIVELY with AllHipHop about how he maintains his health with his lack of sleep, the craziest fan moment and why Eminem is not in his Top 5.

Jones once  remarked that Dipset  “maybe the most influential—besides N.W.A” in Hip Hop ever in a XXL interview. During our interview, he revealed a story of the craziest realization of that fan influence during a show in North Carolina:

I’ve seen a grown man with a Jim Jones tattoo. I forgot, like somewhere in North Carolina or something. On the back of his shoulder and sh*t like that. At a show, I remember that vividly. N*ggas were snapping on me after the show. ‘Yo, that’s mad suspect. N*gga got his name on his body. But, that shows dedications. I’m just glad they’re not typing my name on their body no more.

Back in November 2011, Rick Ross admitted that his two seizures he sustained that year were due to sleep deprivation. When asked if his Vamp Life’s lack of sleep mantra could be detrimental to his health, Jones stated “Rick Ross is also heavy, my brother. I’m in shape, brother. I got to the gym. I live my life different.”

Jones is not simply a hustler but also a student of the game and when asked about his Top 5 dead or alive named a few of his Dipset partners as well as Drake. When asked why he would place Drake in such an illustrious category over artists such as Eminem, Jones explained how Eminem could never enter his Top 5:

I wouldn’t put Eminem in my category because he’s wicked with the rhymes but my music got to reflect on the lifestyle I live. Eminem is by far one fo the greatest MC’s, because he’s an artist, but his music don’t actually put me like I’m feeling like I want to go on the block and sell drugs. It’s a different type of sh*t. When I look at his music it’s like ‘damn, this n*gga is out of control’. I look at him as a real artist and try to dissect what he’s saying.

Jim Jones is releasing We Own The Night II on September 5th.

Check out the first part of our EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop below:

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