EXCLUSIVE: Young Dolph Talks Gucci Mane, Rappers' Responsibility to Kids + MORE (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Young Dolph Talks Gucci Mane, Rappers’ Responsibility to Kids + MORE (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) With over seven mixtapes released in the last 6 years, Young Dolph has  In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop rapper, the Chicago-born, Memphis-bred MC speaks on Gucci Mane’s condition in prison, rappers’ responsibility to kids and more.

On May 13th, Gucci Mane reached a plea agreement with prosecutors after pleading guilty in his federal gun possession case which resulted in his 39 month prison sentence. Gucci Mane and Dolph have collaborated in the past and Dolph hinted at signing with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick House. According to Dolph, his latest conversation with Gucci Mane left him believing the rapper was fine:

He seemed like he all good to me last time I talked to him. Thats how he came off to me, like it’s all good. He hate he in the situation, but, sh*t you know. It’s the streets.

After proclaiming “Free Meek”, Dolph addressed the recent trend of rappers’ lyrics being used to prosecute them in court cases. According to Dolph, there is a responsibility on the rappers to monitor their content:

Whoever turn that radio on, they listening to it. No matter how old they is, they listening to it. They can be nine years old. They can be 39 years old. You got to remember, there’s kids listening to it. So, you got to give these folks some real. You can’t just give them so much fairytale life and all that dope life, trap, the streets and glorify that. You got to let them know about what come along with that sh*t.

Young Dolph released his latest mixtape High Class Street Music (American Gangster) on July 8th.

Check out the first part of our interview with Young Dolph below:

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