Hip-Hip Rumors: Rihanna Bending Dudes Over?


Sheesh…the internet rumors can be a trip and merciless. Rumor on the block is that Rihanna is taking her freak side to a new level. Oddly, this rumor comes as Rihanna was taking images outside a mosque. There goes that religious revival. The word on the block is that RiRi has adopted a strap-on and has used it on some dude in the fashion industry. I’m not sure if that makes her gay or him or some mutant form of it, but it definitely makes them freaks. At first, it was a rumor that she had done this sort of mess with Chris Brown or Drake, but that notion was quickly dispelled. And, that’s not a rumor I would wish on my favorite enemy. Shout out to Chris Brown. I suspect he’s the dude that Micheal Jackson wanted to be: Bad and Dangerous.

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I’m out.