Hip-Hop Rumor: Is Boosie Coming Home!



As you probably already can tell, I’m not all that in tune with what’s going on with Boosie, but my readers do. So, here is a cool letter about him that shows a more human side. But, another of my sources told me that Boosie will be home at the end of May.

Torrence Hatch was acquitted. What happens with Marlo Mike doesn’t affect Torrence Hatch. The charge he initially received locked him up, to ultimately bring forth the charges he was recently acquitted of. Now, that initial charge was his first offense for that particular charge.  Providing he didn’t have those additional charges for supposedly smuggling contraband. He would be out now. With all that said, he could be out as early as the summer, but most likely early 2014.  Unfortunately there is still that good O’l boy spirit that walks the halls of East Baton Rouge’s legal system. They pretty mad they couldn’t convict him on that. More so that he ‘s living just as comfortable, if not better than the prominent rich doctors and lawyers in Baton Rouge. I’m not proclaiming we’re besties, but I did attend high school with him. All in all that guy has a huge heart, and that’ll never probably get shown. When he says “Boosie love the kids” ; that guy takes care of those kids in Baton Rouge. If somebody would do a Documentary on him, you would look at him different than how the media is trying to make him out to be.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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