Hip-Hop Rumors: A New Beef For French Montana?


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French Montana is on a roll and he doesn’t seem to be stopping soon. He’s even got the Kardashian to match. However, there may be some beef lurking for him. At least there seems to be some annoyances. Apparently, Royal Flush, the Queens rapper, isn’t so pleased that French jacked his 90’s#### “Worldwide.” French and producer Harry Fraud joined forces on this and other songs with a similar M.O. Yesterday, Royal Flush played at the Lincoln Park Music Festival and he briefly called French Montana out. He didn’t say too much, before he was cut off on stage by Tragedy Khadafi, I was told. But, He definitely called French out though. But this isn’t the first time this has happened, because they have sampled a few 90’s rappers. Remember, Doitall from the Lords of the Underground also had an issue with French using their song “Funky Child.” I think they deaded that lil situation. Anyway, maybe French cares – maybe not. Either way, “I’m A Coke Boy” came out in 2012. I think its time for Royal Flush to drop something new.

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