Hip-Hop Rumors: Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Answers THE Big Questions!


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Yesterday, I hit you up with a rumor. Here it is:

Anyway, Ms. Drama was on the case for AllHipHop and asked some questions of Floyd Mayweather’s ex, including the rumors that 50 Cent and Floyd may be more than just best friends. So, Josie Harris took the whole weight. She also suggested strongly that she and Floyd are still intimate even though he’s engaged to be marred to another woman.

“He still calls me to build him up spiritually…to make sure he’s mentally ready for a fight. So, I don’t care how physically fit you are, when you get into that ring, if you’re not mentally prepared and mentally strong and know that you’re a warrior and you cannot be conquered by anybody, that’s something that I was there to give. and I will always give him that. I was his best friend from the beginning. He wants to revert to Dade Counties (his new fiancee), I’ll still be here to hood him down as a friend.”

On the extreme bromance rumors:

“The speculation is just a speculation. I have experience in what Floyd feels like so I know that he is extremely straight.”

Anyway, Josie Harris is on the new show called “Starter Wives Confidential,” which stars Liza Morales (ex-girlfriend of professional basketball player Lamar Odom), Tashera Simmons (separated from hip hop legend DMX), Monica Joseph-Taylor (separated from DJ Funkmaster Flex), Zakia Baum (ex-girlfriend of rapper Maino), and Cheryl Caruso (ex-wife of accused mobster Phil “Philly” Caruso).

By the way, 50 Cent’s ex wasn’t on there and the women wish she could be. 50 is a paperwork G.

Thanks, Ms. Drama!


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Here they all are:

Zakia Baum – Jermaine “Maino” Coleman’s ex and mother to his child.

Tashera Simmons DMX’s ex and mother to his four children.

Josie Harris

Monica Joseph-Taylor –  Funkmaster Flex’s soon to be ex wife.

Liza Morales is the ex-girlfriend of NBA hooper Lamar Odom and the mother of their three children. Ex-wife of mob boss Phil “Philly” Caruso – Cheryl Caruso. Why is she on this show?


I can’t stop looking at this.

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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