Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who Is Quietly P##### At The Game!


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The Game has moved into OG status as a crop of young rappers has moved into the mix of things. Well, not to be outdone, Game is here to say, “Y’all can’t f**k with me!” I am sure you heard his newest song “Bigger Than Me.” Well on the song, he goes in on new rappers, particularly the ones on the Freshman cover of XXL mag. You know those dues. But, on the song, he doesn’t name a lot of names as to who he is dissing. But, Frank Ocean pops up. He says, “A-yo Frank Ocean – go ‘head and f**k these f**k ni**as!” I am hearing that Frank Ocean, who is bi-sexual or gay, was not pleased to be included in the song is such a way. If he were a rapper, I bet he would come out dissing or something. But, a source told me Frank is just annoyed at it all and feels disrespected. I think Frankie should let it be known, if this is true facts! Bust a move!


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