Hip-Hop Rumors: Is MMG Being Torn Apart By Internal Beef?


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We all know that Rick Ross has chilled out on the eating, but it seems like he’s dealing with nothing but beef inside the ranks of MMG. Yep. This is what I am hearing…that the ranks of one of the strongest crews are at odds like A.M.F.! This all seemingly started with Meek Mill popping off at Wale for allegedly not supporting him. I don’t know to what extent this purported beefing has carried on, but my sources say its pretty deep. Furthermore, there seems to be some frustration that the crew hasn’t experienced some of the meteoric highs that other groups have even though they are one of the strongest collectives out right now. I don’t know. Hoping Ross can bring some order to this chaos.

On the flip side, the FREE MEEK MILL campaign is in full swing.

I didn’t even realize it, but Meek is going away for about 3 months or 3 weeks. EITHER WAY – Relax, y’all…he’ll be home before you can say “Dream Chasers.”

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