Hip-Hop Rumors: Looks Who Is Dissing Jay Z Now!


Jon Stewart is pretty much acclaimed as one of the dudes that gets it poppin in politics for the younger generation. He’s dope and he’s a critical thinker, for sure. He’s also great at challenging conventional thinking. He’s decadently against the Republican Party and Fox News, but every so often takes time to chastise Obama. Well, Jay Z has not been in his sights since I’ve been a watcher. But that’s all changed. Seems like Jon and The Daily Show took exception to the way Jay handled the Barney’s situation. They said: “White people have been watching their musical icons sell out to corporations for decades. It’s the American dream and we’re finally achieving it. You go Jay Z Penny!”

So disrespectful!

Jay Z is catching it from all over.

Is this warranted?