Jay Z's Barber Explains How He Would Have "Preserved" Lebron James' Hairline (VIDEO)

Jay Z’s Barber Explains How He Would Have “Preserved” Lebron James’ Hairline (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) Lebron James has advanced sports further than any athlete in the last 15 years, but his hairline has went in the opposite direction. In an interview with VFiles, Jay Z’s personal barber explains how he would have preserved Lebron James’ receding hairline.

Celebrity barber Johnny Cakes has cut the hair of a number of high-profile Hip Hop artists such as Joe Budden, Fabolous and most notably, Jay Z. While Cakes admits to not having the chance to cut Lebron James’ hair, he does explain that his assistance early on would have helped James preserve his hairline:

Lebron at this point, he might be a little too far gone. But, if I was cutting it earlier I wouldve been preserving his hair. Fading around what he got going on now. Where I feel they’re not doing that now. That’s my thing, I’m like anti-pushing hair lines back.

James has not shied away from addressing his hairline. In a 2012 interview with NBA on TNT James stated he would not cut off all of his hair due to his receding hairline as former NBA players Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith suggested.

Check out Johnny Cakez discuss working with Jay Z, Dame Dash and more as their personal barber below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGFM9OJOzFs]