Jimmy Henchman Murder Trial Begins With Prosecutors Tying In 50 Cent/Game Beef


(AllHipHop News) James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond’s trial for the 2009 killing of Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher began this week, and the prosecution in the case is attempting to paint Henchman as the murderous leader of a criminal enterprise who lived a double life as an artist manager.

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“In the public eye and on the surface, Rosemond was known as an executive in the music industry,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Samson Enzer during opening statements. “But beneath the surface, Rosemond was known as a ruthless criminal who ran his rap business like a street gang.”

According to the state, Henchman paid Derrick Grant and Rodney Johnson $30,000 worth of cocaine to kill Fletcher. Prosecutors claim the G-Unit associate’s death was linked to an ongoing beef between “The Rosemond Organization” and 50 Cent’s rap crew over Henchman’s relationship with ex-G-Unit member The Game.

Enzer stated that the Fletcher hit was just one example of violent encounters aimed at G-Unit that involved Henchman. He cited previous incidents including a shooting outside the Hot 97 radio station in 2005. The attorney alleged the last straw for Rosemond was when his son was supposedly attacked by G-Unit’s Tony Yayo.

“Rosemond decided that for slapping his son, a member of G-Unit had to die,” said Enzer.

Members of Rosemond’s organization are scheduled to testify against him in court. His attorney, J. Bruce Maffeo, attempted to convince the jury to disregard the testimony of the ex-gang members.

“[These witnesses] are facing sentences that will literally keep them in prison for the rest of their natural lives,” said Maffeo. “These are individuals who have committed… every crime conceivable to any of us.”

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