No Malice: Be Very Clear, I Am NOT Doing Another Clipse Album (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Most of the times you have to decipher what rappers say in interviews like you breaking down Morse Code, not with No Malice. In an interview with Rapzilla at this year’s SXSW, No Malice definitely denounced any rumors of his involvement in a future Clipse album,

Rumors of a new Clipse album resurfaced earlier this year when a link to an article about Pusha T being in the studio with The Neptunes was posted on Pusha T’s Facebook account with a picture of The Clipse together and a caption that read “It’s Coming”. Less than a week after the announcement, Pusha T informed DJ Heat that he did not confirm a Clipse reunion album but did hint that the duo are “working”. No Malice does not state if him and Pusha T are actually working but does vehemently deny that they are working on an album together:

People keep asking me about this Clipse album.  I’ve been very clear. Ive’ been very consistent from the beginning. I don’t know why I have to keep answering this question, but I don’t do that music anymore. I don’t know if people want me to keep repeating my past life. What I would like to think is that my audience that grew up WITH me are still growing up. I can’t cater to every generation that comes under. It’s like repeating the third grade over and over and over again. No I’m somewhere else now. No, I am not doing another another Clipse album. Be very clear.

Check out the full interview below: