Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Ginuwine On Drugs? Slim Thug Overshares Again! [Video]


I saw this video and I didn’t think much of it. Maybe, that’s because I don’t care. Tyrese is the homey though. He’s been emailing me since there were rumors of him being “Power Man” in the movies. But, let me get to the point. There are rumors that Ginuwine was on that lean when he was on stage leaning for this performance of TGT. I didn’t see the whole big deal about the horrid performance, but once there were drug rumors, I jumped on it like the evil media I am. But, Ginuwine quickly dissed the rumors.

His responses were kind of drug addict-y. LOL! Anyway….

Here is the original performance video:


This dude is the ultimate over sharer. But that’s cool. I’ll never forget when he emailed me his HIV test results. That was when there were crazy rumors that somebody in Houston has AIDS. I guess, somebody will have to pass before we know who that was. Yesterday, Slim Thug revealed that he was having a vasectomy to make sure he didn’t have any more kids. Thanks, Slim.

Slim Thug Gets a Vasectomy

He tweeted:

#NoNewKids #NoNewBabymamas #NoMoChildSupport #NoLittleGirl just me and my 3 Boyz
I’m laying in my bed, watchin’ TV with my feet kicked up and ice pack on my balls. That’s what it’s gonna be for the night…foot surgery in the morning.
He also got freakin’ foot surgery. Look at this sh*t!!!!!!

Slim Thug Gets Bunion Surgery

Slim Thug must have been using his feet to drive like Fred Flintstone!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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