Police Arrest Russian Mobster In Murder Of Lil Phat


(AllHipHop News) Russian mobster Mani Chulpayev stands accused of putting out hit out on rapper Lil Phat in a drive by that resulted in the death of the rapper as he sat outside a hospital.

Last June, Lil Phat was about to go into an Atlanta hospital to witness the birth of his child when his life was cut short in a drive by shooting. He was supposedly talking to police about Chulpayev selling stolen cars.

Local Channel 2 provided invaluable information to police in their investigation, which focused on Chulpayev’s Atlanta car business. Lil Phat was leasing a BMW and an Audi from the accused.

Chulpayev proclaimed his innocence through his lawyer. who incidentally was also Lil Phat’s lawyer when he was alive.

Attorney George Plumides said, “Mani had nothing against this kid, and grieved when he found out he got killed. They put him out of business and they have nothing.”

Lil Phat was a Trill Entertainment rapper.