Politicians & Palestinians Address Police Use Of Tear Gas Against Ferguson Protesters


(AllHipHop News) The situation is Ferguson, Missouri has begun to resemble images seen in on the streets of a war-torn country. Police, suited in riot gear, sprayed tear gas and fired smoke bombs and rubber bullets at groups protesting the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. According to reports, some in the crowd began throwing Molotov cocktails at the officers.

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There have also been reports that journalists are being arrested at the scene. News spread via social media that St. Louis alderman Antonio French was also taken into custody. Using his Twitter feed, French was one of the most active reporters of what was taking place in Ferguson. His regular video posts and updates provided vital first hand accounts on the ground.

County Police Chief Jon Belmar is quoted saying he felt his officers have shown incredible restraint. He claims patrol vehicles have been destroyed and police have faced rocks, bottles, and gunfire.

“It’s pretty amazing how impressed I am and inspired by these officers,” said Belmar. “This is a very difficult circumstance.”

Missouri governor Jay Nixon released a statement about the situation in Ferguson. It read:

The worsening situation in Ferguson is deeply troubling, and does not represent who we are as Missourians or as Americans. While we all respect the solemn responsibility of our law enforcement officers to protect the public, we must also safeguard the rights of Missourians to peaceably assemble and the rights of the press to report on matters of public concern.

I have been closely monitoring the situation and will continue to be in communication with local leaders, and I will be in north St. Louis County tomorrow. As Governor, I am committed to ensuring the pain of last weekend’s tragedy does not continue to be compounded by this ongoing crisis. Once again, I ask that members of the community demonstrate patience and calm while the investigation continues, and I urge law enforcement agencies to keep the peace and respect the rights of residents and the press during this difficult time.

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The issues plaguing Ferguson have even reached overseas. Palestinian activists began posting suggestions to Twitter on how protesters can deal with tear gas.



Individuals closer to the area are voicing their concern for the police treatment as well. Missouri state senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal said she was even hit with gas as she protested on behalf of justice for Brown’s killing.

“I just want to know if I’m going to be gassed again, like I was on Monday night?” Chapelle-Nadal asked Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson during a press conference. “And I was peaceful. And I’m your state senator.”

Jackson replied, “I hope not.”

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