Prop Joe of HBO’s The Wire Dies from Heart Failure

R.I.P Prop Joe of The Wire

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(AllHipHop News) Robert F. Chew, best known as Proposition Joe on HBO’s The Wire, passed away on Thursday according to The Baltimore Sun at the age of 52.

Former cast members and celebrities took to Twitter expressing condolences and shock of the news.

“R.I.P To My Brother Robert F Chew AKA Prop Joe from The Wire…Love You Man You Gave Me A lot of WISDOM”, The Wire’s Tray Chaney (Poot) wrote on Twitter.

Jamie Hector (Marlo Stanfield ) tweeted, “I didn’t want to believe this #RIP Robert F Chew,”  on  “Prop Joe will always be remembered Robert Chew will always be loved and missed!”

“RIP Prop Joe, great actor,” tweeted Russell Simmons.

Wendell Pierce expressed his condolences, “To the beloved Robert Chew, a man was real Bawlmore, and created the iconic character of “Prop Joe”, may you RIP, A teacher & friend.”

The Wire creator, David Simon, sent an email to The Baltimore Sun expressing admiration for the actor’s commitment to the arts and his community.

“Robert was not only an exceptional actor, he was an essential part of the film and theater community in Baltimore,” wrote Simon. “He could have gone to New York or Los Angeles and commanded a lot more work, but he loved the city as his home and chose to remain here working.”

Chew, served as a mentor to aspiring actors, and even coached the young actors of season four.

Born in Baltimore, Chew got his first TV break in 1997 in an episode of NBC’s “Homicide.” In 2000, David Simon created the mini-series, “The Corner”, where Chew also had a role.

Funeral services for the teacher, actor and friend will be held in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

“A businessman such as myself does not believe in bad blood with a man such as yourself – it disturbs the sleep,” Proposition Joe