Richard Pryor Jr: Nick Cannon Changed My Mind On Him Playing My Father

Richard Pryor Jr: Nick Cannon Changed My Mind On Him Playing My Father

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(AllHipHop News) With the world being in the year 2014 that means that children of deceased legends from the 70’s and 80’s are now grown and able to portray their parents in biopics. According to Richard Pryor’s son, he has been so impressed by Nick Cannon’s dedication to playing his father in an upcoming biopic that he has changed his mind on the rapper/actor.

Pryor Jr initially did not believe Cannon would be able to adequately capture his father on screen for the upcoming Lee Daniels biopic about his deceased father. However, in a recent interview with Daily Mail, the son of one of the greatest comedians of all time stated that

He did the small thing of using his left hand instead of his right hand, he picked up smoking to try and emulate my dad, he’s let his hair grow out. He’s looking into who my dad really was, looking into his childhood, who he was raised by and around, and he is interested in talking to me about who my dad was.

Cannon has not officially been named the lead actor on the as-of-yet untitled Richard Pryor biopic. Pryor’s work is under the control of his widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor, a fact that causes concern for Pryor Jr:

She is going to portray herself as angelic when it was the opposite,’ he continued. ‘She’s not a nice lady…My dad’s money took care of him; they didn’t even live in the same home.

Pryor Jr has sent requests to be involved in the process of the film’s production to Jennifer Lee Pryor’s attorneys.