Shyne Breaks Down Legal Appeals Process, Pays Respect to Max B


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Shyne spoke with recently on a number of topics, including how he has been holding onto and supporting his fallen comrades, Hip-Hop artists who he says kept it real and “never folded under pressure.”

There is a long list of Hip-Hop talent currently tied up in the correctional systems of America, and Shyne said he uses his voice so the people don’t forget about those who are locked up.

About incarcerated rapper Max B’s current legal situation and efforts to be released, Shyne said, “I always have Max B in mind, in my prayers. Whatever I can do to help support him and his organization, to help him stay afloat while he’s fighting for his freedom… We can do a record together, whatever, anything to support, right or wrong.

“He ain’t kill nobody, no innocent civilians. Whatever happened, it didn’t involve innocent people.”

Shyne continued, “Whatever happened, it was in that life. I don’t feel he’s guilty. Somebody told on him. Dudes are about it! Then as soon as they face a year in jail, they turn.

“Most of my partners [are] in the prison ’cause of somebody like that, so that’s a problem I have with these kids. Once you turn, you can’t come back. God bless Max B, and I hope he gets his Habeas Corpus. Even though he was denied his appeal, you can go to Supreme Court and file all types of other motions. There’s a motion called Habeas Corpus that he could stil be victorious, so let’s keep it in our prayers [that] he will touch the streets.”

From behind bars, Max B also weighed in on Shyne’s support for his “Pardon The Wave” cause: “Peace to Shyne. That’s my dude – I always been a fan of his work. “It’s unfortunate what happened to him and his situation, but [he’s] a freedom fighter…he’s reppin’.

“That’s like my guy overseas ; he holding it down, he puttin’ the work in, getting the buzz out. [He’s] just supporting the movement, too, ’cause he know the struggles I been through. I know the struggles he been through, so we are one in the same.

“Shyne good people. Hopefully one day, we can meet up and make something happen…make history.”

Watch the exclusive interview below, as Shyne and Max B speak on supporting one another:

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