Spike Lee Asks Fans To Fund New Movie, Blames Slow Industry

Spike Lee Asks Fans To Fund New Movie, Blames Slow Industry

(AllHipHop News) A sentence involving Spike Lee, Veronica Mars and Zach Braff rarely ever happens. However, Spike Lee has joined Veronica Mars and Zach Braff as the latest celebrity to ask fans to help fund their next project for his untitled film about “blood addiction” that “isn’t a vampire movie.”

Spike Lee is currently campaigning for $1.25 million on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Speaking with Variety, Lee attributes his inability to get Hollywood financing from big studios on the movie industry’s current preference for high budget blockbuster movies:

I understand now that, with the amount of money it costs to market a film, the studios need films that are going to be tentpoles. But I will go to my grave believing that there are still audiences that want something different. Not to eradicate these type of 3D, blow-up-the-world, ‘Transformers’-type movies. They’re cool, but now it seems like that’s the only thing they’re making.”

He also revealed that the current movie landscape would have made some of his previous movies impossible to make stating ““Universal would not make ‘Do the Right Thing’ today.”

Even George Lucas echoed similar sentiments in a 2012 interview about his movie Red Tails. According to Lucas the movie inspired by the all-Black Tuskeegee Airmen of World War II was delayed from being released due to race:

It’s because it’s an all-black movie. There’s no major white roles in it at all…I showed it to all of them and they said no. We don’t know how to market a movie like this.

Lee started his Kickstarter on July 21st and already raised over $92,000 with 28 days remaining. Check out and donate to Spike Lee’s Kickstarter campaign here