STREAM/DOWNLOAD Drake's####-Boy Produced Song "Trophies" [NEW MUSIC]

[NEW MUSIC] Drake- “Trophies” (P###. Hit-Boy)

Over three and a half months after Drake released a trailer for his Hit-Boy produced “Trophies” song, the highly anticipated collaboration lands online.

Employing the same vocal tone and flow of his “Worst Behavior” song, Drake trudges through Hit Boy’s grandiose horns for his victory lap for a successful 2013.

This may not be the official final version of the song as the chorus is simply the beat changing with no vocals. Drake explained to Revolt around the time of the release of the “Trophies” trailer that the song was not included on his Nothing Was The Same album because of his dissatisfaction with the hook:

I had two different hooks on there. I didn’t like either of them. I started sending it around. As great of a job as other people did it didn’t sound right if I wasn’t on the hook.

Check out Drake’s first ever Hit-Boy produced song, “Trophies” below: