The Till Family React To Mountain Dew Dropping Lil Wayne


(AllHipHop News) They wanted it, and now the Till Family feels that they can move on since Mountain Dew dropped Lil Wayne from their “DeWeezy” campaign.

Airickca Gordon-Taylor, Executive Director of Mamie Till Mobley Foundation, said the following in a statement.

“Back in February, when I first heard the lyrics, I was in utter shock, disappointment and sadness.  Just as Mamie Till Mobley didn’t endure the pain of losing Emmett Till alone, many people have stood in solidarity with our family, even if it wasn’t the most popular stand to take.

“The road less traveled is surely not the easiest but standing for your principles provides the endurance needed to fight for human and civil rights.  This decision was monumental, we commend Mountain Dew for taking action towards better social responsibility, and now I finally feel that we can exhale and focus on our beloved Mamie Till Mobley’s charge, “Let’s get on with the business of positive thinking and living”.”

Simeon Wright was an eyewitness to the kidnapping of Emmett Till. He was shocked that the Pepsi-owned Mountain Dew decided to cut ties with one of the biggest rappers out.

“This is beyond my expectations, I’m pleased that it happened and it shouldn’t waited for public outcry. Anything that belittles or degrades the memory of Emmett Till shouldn’t be in the public square,” Wright said. “Racism is still out there. Whatever you listen too, whatever you do, get an education. ‘Don’t let this system destroy you.'”
Had the Till Family simply gotten the apology they deserved, this may not have happened.