Zimmerman's Attorneys Re-Enact Trayvon Martin's Murder in Animation (VIDEO)

Zimmerman’s Attorneys Re-Enact Trayvon Martin’s Murder in Animation (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) In the latest edition of #WhereTheyDoThatAt, George Zimmerman’s defense team presented an animation reenactment of Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin’s murderous encounter in February 26th of 2012 after Judge Debra Nelson ruled against showing it.

In the animation, explained by Contrast Forensics Daniel Schumaker, Trayvon Martin walking perpendicular to George Zimmerman on an adjacent sidewalk and punching him as they intersected and confronted each other. Schumaker attests that the animation is an “estimation based upon George Zimmerman’s testimony.”

The video  excludes key details from that February night, including rain and more importantly bushes. In Zimmerman’s testimony to police merely hours after the shooting he said Trayvon “jumped out of the bushes ” before assaulting him.

Check out the videos of the animation and Zimmerman’s police testimony below:

Zimmerman’s Testimony

The Animation