Arsenio Hall Fights Off Haters As Laughs Roll At WBLS Annual April Fools’ Day Comedy Show


(AllHipHop Lifestyle) Over the weekend, a comedy explosion occurred inside the Theater at Madison Square Garden.

The WBLS April Fools’ Day Comedy Show was hosted by Sommore and featured performances by Tommy Davidson, Arnez J., Don “D.C.” Curry, Arsenio Hall and Michael Blackson. The April Fools’ Day comedy show has continued for over a decade for Emmis New York and Marquee Concerts. All of these comedians have been entertaining audiences for decades.

The oddest moment of the night happened when a belligerent women and less vocal cohorts began to boo veteran actor, pioneering talk show host and comic Arsenio Hall. After ignoring the hecklers, Arsenio eventually fired back in a curse-laden rant that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. “Tomorrow on Instagram, we all gonna know who the f#ck you are. You on Instagram? I hope you on Instagram. I’m a vet, b#tch. I remember when Instagram was a cocaine delivery service,” Arsenio said pounding his chest. “15 more minutes on that stank b#tch. You glad you spoke up now?”

The boos may have originated after the OG opined about Hillary Clinton. He said, “F#ck Hillary – F#ck em all.” Shortly there after the women and her cacophony of bellows started. Eventually, Arsenio finished his set, garnering considerable laughs even though it was slightly marred by the rogue attendees.

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African comedian Micheal Blackston hit the stage immediately after the “Arsenio Hall affair,” which it is now known as. He insulted himself and women, then women some more and ended by insulting himself repeatedly. He said in succession: ”My hair is tougher than Magic Johnson’s immune system. My mother told me my dad had a### sex, that’s how I got here. I look (so dark) like I got no bright ideas.” He did admit that he’s no longer dealing with White women thanks to Jordan Peele. “White girls…I saw the movie ‘Get Out.’ F#ck all of you,” he said. He informed the audience that he told a homeless date to “Call me when you get home.” He closed with a nod to his skin tone: “Talking about of Black Liives Matter mine…matters the most.”

Mistress of ceremonies Sommore led the evening as host and sometime voice of reason, especially in defense of Arsenio Hall. She wore an outfit so sparkly it was impossible to capture on a camera phone. The Trenton native offered a proverbial stream of laughter, homing down on Muslim ban (“We can’t have no mother f#ckin’ company?”). Donald Trump (“Trump too petty to be president. You know you petty when you in a Twitter beef with Snoop Dogg.”) and other topics like when your black clothing doesn’t match. She also revealed that the crowd was decidedly pro-Remy Ma in the beef with Nicki Minaj.

Don “D.C.” Curry had the crowd laughing and cringing at the same time by drilling down on taboo topics. “We lost Muhammad Ali…but it was time, he was shaking a long time. We lost Kanye West. He ain’t die, but his mind dead. Can’t look at nobody (on TV) but see somebody that f#cked ya wife.” Yikes. He didn’t stop there. He referred to Donald Trump’s youngest Barron as the “little retarded son.” He called Magic Johnson’s seed EJ as “Tragic Johnson” and proclaimed “Wendy Williams is a man.” His set concluded on on a somber note, “I’m proud of how far we’ve come, I’m ashamed at how far we need to go.”

Headliner Tommy Davidson and Arnez J. rounded out the evening and both had the audience doubled over in laughter with their highly expressive physical and witty comedy.

Last thing: Sommore tried and failed to trick the crowd into thinking Jay Z was going to come out in a last ditch April Fools joke. Womp womp!