Book Notes: A Breakdown Of The Latest Urban Reads


Summer has reached its mid-point, yet there are still plenty of long and hazy days left to enjoy. One of the greatest ways to spend a summer day is reading a great book. Book publishers know this fact, so they release lots of projects during the summer months.’s summer’s crop includes an amazing new novel from a legendary television writer/producer, a debut from a reality star, and even a highly-anticipated life story of a Hip-Hop legend.

So whether you are poolside or courtside, fill your summertime downtime the old-fashioned way – with a book!:

Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson
Billed as a tale of struggle, survival, and hope, the autobiography of Prodigy is a tale of wealth and woe. A fearless confessional, My Infamous Life chronicles Prodigy’s family history, which included a life of privilege as the great-great-grandson of the founder of Morehouse College and the son of successful musicians and songwriters, to his role in Hip-Hop history as part of Mobb Depp. The recounting of Prodigy’s “infamous” rap beefs, his three-and-a-half-year stint in prison, and his controversial opinions on the NYPD “Hip-Hop Police” and the Illuminati, make the book a somewhat perplexing, but fascinating read. (Be sure to check out his new H.N.I.C. 3 album release, too.)

Blackberry Days of Summer by Ruth P. Watson
Based on real events, Blackberry Days of Summer is a story about the rural South and how relationships developed in the “country.” When Herman Camm is found dead, the three women in his life are suspected – his wife, his daughter, and his girlfriend. A suspenseful tale of deceit, filled with lust, adultery, and romance set in the post-World War I era, Blackberry Days of Summer has complex characters that are engaging and interesting.

Imperfect Bliss by Susan Fales-Hill
The second novel by the award-winning writer and producer of shows like “The Cosby Show” and “A Different World”, Imperfect Bliss is a story of the four daughters of a biracial couple in Maryland whose mother hopes that they will each find their perfect prince. But when one divorces and another ends up on a reality show called “The Virgin”, it seems like mom’s dreams are turning into real-life drama. Imperfect Bliss is a great read for women that explores all the ways that dating has changed and yet stayed the same.

Destiny’s Divas by Victoria Christopher Murray
Sierra, Raine, and Liza are Destiny’s Divas, a best-selling gospel group who sing about all of the ways that God has blessed them. But, inside, they are each harboring a secret that could destroy their group, and maybe even their lives. An interesting tale of the entertainment industry from the gospel perspective, Destiny’s Divas is a pleasant read from a bestselling author.

Inner Circle by Evelyn Lozada
The newly-married Evelyn Lozada of “Basketball Wives” fame will debut her own VH1 Show, “Ev and Ocho”, with her husband, Chad Ochocinco, this fall. But in addition to her many television appearances, Lozada has a cosmetics line, and is now an author with her first novel on Cash Money Content. The Wives Association: Inner Circle is fictionalized account of the inside life of the wife of a famous athlete. The story proves that the coveted life as a baller’s wife isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Biba Adams is a Senior Writer and Book Editor for Her debut novel, The Allure, will be released this fall on Triple Crown Publications. Follow her on Twitter (@BibatheDiva).