FEEL RICH VIDEO: Zumba Fitness Craze with Paul Wall’s Wife Crystal


Editor’s Note: “Feel Rich” is our partnership with QD3, the talented son of music legend Quincy Jones. “Feel Rich” is all about creating a healthy lifestyle for Hip-Hop culture – both the artists and the fans. Enjoy!

Crystal Wall says she could dance all day, and after having lost 40 pounds doing Zumba, Crystal has become a Zumba advocate and instructor. Watch this video to see why she is having so much fun and sweating the pounds away.

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BONUS – Rhythm and Blues: How Dance Improves Mood and Outlook

by Heather Wood

Feel like crap? Sick of being a couch potato all winter long? Get moving and start shaking that booty. Dancing has the amazing ability to improve your mindset. Studies have shown that dancing is one of the top mood-boosting activities. Dancing frees a person and gives you a chance to express yourself, while simultaneously releasing feel good endorphins into the body. Dance also gives you the opportunity to foster connections with others in a social setting.

How’s It Work?
When you dance for long periods of time, your brain releases mood enhancing chemicals into the body. The endorphins cause you to experience emotions such as euphoria, satisfaction, and calmness. Endorphins work as a temporary anesthetic for pain as well. Although any type of activity releases endorphins, dancing is found to improve the mood better than other forms of exercise. Dancing puts you in a better mood by helping you bond with others and providing an outlet for pent-up emotions. Even watching another person dance could put you in a happier state of mind.

Formal Vs. Informal Dancing
Dancing for a better mood and outlook doesn’t have to involve signing up for formal ballroom dance lessons. It could be as simple as dancing around your living room or meeting up with friends to go clubbing. Find a style that you enjoy and suits your personality. Don’t get caught up in how you look or if you’re doing the moves right. Focus more on having fun and feeling the music. Since humans crave order and control, the rhythm and patterns involved with dancing are soothing to the mind. Try out improv dancing if you don’t feel like learning a specific dance style. During this type of dance, you improvise your moves to reflect your emotion.

Don’t Always Dance Alone
Get out of the house and dance with others. Research has proven that dancing with others helps you connect on a social level. Strong social connections decrease incidences of stress and depression. If the club ain’t your thing, join a group dance club. Learn capoeira, break dancing or Zumba in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If you don’t feel like you are gelling with the group, switch to a new class or talk some friends into joining with you. Don’t take a dance class with expectations of becoming a major dancing sensation. If you’re using dance to get a better outlook, focus on having fun and forget perfecting each routine. In a relationship? Strengthen your bond with your partner by making time to dance together.

Keep It Up
Once the weather breaks, your booty shaking doesn’t have to stop. Dance year-round for the mind and body benefits. Dancing burns a ton of calories in a short amount of time and promotes healthy heart function. As your body feels good, so will your mind. Try out new partners and new routines to keep things fresh.

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