Football and Hip-Hop: Justin Durant of the Detroit Lions


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We can all take a deep sigh of relief that the NFL has reinstated their professional referees. We’ll never see another bad call again (insert ‘Dora stare’ here). The season is well underway, and if you’re a betting person, you’re broke by now. That’s cool, because we still have Rap music. And Rap music will teach you how to invest your… nevermind.

Our “Football and Hip-Hop” series continues on in “The D” with Detroit Lions linebacker, Justin Durant. Justin’s love for the Hip-Hop culture began like many of our beginnings in Rap – our older brother.

The Detroit Lions are currently 1-3. Not the start they’ve expected after a progressive season last year. But the season is still young. We at just hope we’re not the new “Madden Curse” following our previous features with Bart Scott and Stan Verrett. C’mon, let’s turn this thing around, for the kids!

Brief Introduction

My name is Justin Durant, linebacker for the Detroit Lions. This is my sixth year in the league. My love for Hip-Hop goes back to my buying Busta Rhymes’ first album (The Coming) on cassette. That was the first full-length album I purchased. The first CD I purchased was Outkast’s ATLiens. My older brother (by 3 years), put me on to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg years before.

Top 3 Songs that inspire Justin during workouts and on Gameday

DMX – “Look Thru My Eyes”

Pastor Troy – “Oh Father”

Lil’ Scrappy featuring Lil’ Jon – “Head Bussa”


When Music clashes in the Locker room

You have people from some of everywhere. I’m from the South, so I grew up on the Crunk era. So I want to listen to Lil’ Jon, Pastor Troy, Three 6 Mafia. There are guys in our locker room from the Midwest listening to Soft Rock in the locker room. The players from up North want to listen to some Jay [Z], some B.I.G. And I’ll listen to it, too. But this is why you see us wearing headphones. You don’t want to get in the way of what anybody has to do to get ready for the game.

Talking about his writing opportunity for Metro Times

I had a great time writing a few pieces for I wrote a few album reviews, music articles, etc. I wanted to show Detroit Lions fans what it was like to get ready for games, music I listen to when I wind down, and getting through training camp. I’ve been slacking off on the column while focusing more of my time on this season. But I will be picking back up on it.

Detroit, What!!! *Eminem voice*

When I first arrived in Detroit at the beginning of last season, the Lions were coming off a four-game winning streak. I was welcome by the team and the city with open arms. It was all love from the start. Starting off 5-0, you could feel the energy throughout the entire city. Wherever we’d go, people would thank us for bringing something to cheer about back to Lions fans. There’s a lot of history in Detroit, diehard fans. It felt amazing to make it into the playoffs after such a long time for them.

Theme Music, Coming out of the Tunnel

It will have to be Mystikal’s “Here I Go”. Or, Mystikal “The Man Right Chea”


Justin Durant books his Dream Team Tour

I don’t know what’s up with Andre (3000), man. But I definitely want to see him on tour. I was a huge “Lost Boys” fan. So I’d like to see Outkast, The Lost Boys, DMX, and Canibus would open the show.

2012 More and Less in Hip-Hop

I want to hear more of artists like Kendrick Lamar; artists bringing the lyrics and concepts to the table. And I want to hear less of Lil’ Wayne because…he’s trash right now.

Tough Division, High Hopes

Yes, our division is tough. But we have everything needed to take the Detroit Lions to another level. We’re going to be representing for “The D” and try to bring it home.