Knockout Nation: Mayweather Toys With Marquez, Gets Confronted By Sugar Shane! De La Hoya-Linares

Mayweather Dominates Marquez Ring rust wasn’t a factor on Saturday (September 19) as Floyd Mayweather (40-0, 25 KOs) easily decisioned an outgunned Juan Manuel Marquez (50-5-1, 37 KOs).   With it being Mexican Independence Day Weekend, Marquez was a huge crowd favorite. The roars were deafening and the future Mexican Hall of Famer had the […]

Mayweather Dominates Marquez

Ring rust wasn’t a factor on Saturday (September 19) as Floyd Mayweather (40-0, 25 KOs) easily decisioned an outgunned Juan Manuel Marquez (50-5-1, 37 KOs).


With it being Mexican Independence Day Weekend, Marquez was a huge crowd favorite. The roars were deafening and the future Mexican Hall of Famer had the look of a determined fighter. Mayweather came out solemnly to no music, perhaps alluding to a new, all business attitude.


After an opening jab contest, Mayweather began connecting with his trademark lead left hook. Marquez’s attempts to initiate offense were picked off by nice counter rights, and early on Floyd looked sharp.


Marquez sought to apply pressure in the 2nd. He clipped Mayweather with a nice overhand right, but later got caught with a lead left that dropped him. Now, the Mayweather fans let themselves be heard by chanting “U-S-A!” Mayweather went for the KO; unloading hard lead left and right hooks. But Marquez had been in this position before, and fired back flurries to close out the round.



By round 5, Marquez instinctively knew he was far behind and tried again to pick up the pace. But Floyd remained composed, easily slipping Marquez’s combinations and working jarring check left hooks and short right counters to the head. The consistent blows opened a cut over Marquez’s right eye, and bloodied his nose.


Throughout the middle rounds, Mayweather’s jab routinely snapped Marquez’s head back, and assisted in shutting down his offense, as Mayweather, Sr. had predicted. Juan couldn’t anticipate the jab or lead hooks, and by the time he went to counter Floyd was already out of position.



After buckling Marquez with counter hooks in the 9th, Mayweather switched to a high guard. The aim was clear; to knock Marquez out. Juan grimaced as another lead left hand landed, followed later by a slashing right hook to the body. The Mexican crowd still didn’t give up cheering their man, and Marquez used their energy to remain upright under the assault. When another knockdown seemed close, Marquez flurried to create space, causing the defense-first Mayweather to reset. Still, the Michigan native cracked Marquez with another right hook, and taunted him after the bell.


Mayweather went for the KO again in the 11th. He stayed close to Juan, and delivered short, stinging potshots and counters. Marquez was languishing, and any attempts to buy time against the ropes were answered with hard hooks.


In the 12th, Floyd eased up and recommenced jabbing Marquez to death. When he sensed Juan was looking for it, Mayweather would then open up lead hooks. A beautiful left-right combination snapped Juan’s head in each direction, and Floyd received loud cheers at the bell.


Although Marquez was game, his offense was completely shut down and reflected in the lopsided scores of 118-109, 120-107, and 119-108.


While Floyd wanted to discuss his dominant win, HBO had other ideas. When commentator Max Kellerman questioned him on the missing weight by 2 pounds (146 instead of 144) and paying $600,000 in fines, Mayweather became visibly agitated and asked why money was being discussed. Kellerman then switched gears to Shane Mosley, who’s still without an opponent following his January beatdown of Antonio Margarito.


Mayweather was calm at first, shaking Mosley’s hand and telling him if the business was right the fight could be made since he fears no one. But Mosley was looking for a guarantee, and told him that the fans wanted to see it and it needs to happen now. This led to a heated back and forth, with Mayweather barking at Mosley about being “disrespected.” Sugar Shane stood his ground, trying to calm Mayweather down.


Kellerman jumped in a few times too many for Floyd, who reprimanded Max for “talking too much” before snatching the mic.




 In the post-fight press room, De La Hoya was raving to us about Mayweather’s performance, but remained dismissive when asked about a Pacquiao-Mayweather showdown.


“Personally, I think a fight with Sugar Shane Mosley is the obvious fight to be made,” De La Hoya argued. “We saw what Marquez did to Pacquiao two times. Most say he won both, and you just saw what Mayweather did to Marquez. Yes, styles makes fights, but what do you think Mayweather will do to Pacquiao?”


And there’s the irony of these proposed superfights. Assuming Pac wins in November, Pacquiao-Mayweather is the biggest fight in boxing in decades. But competition-wise, Mosley represents a tougher challenge with his iron chin, more power, near equal speed, and great body punching.


So fight fans, which direction should Mayweather go in?

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Despite Mexico’s Independence Day, Mexican fighters didn’t fare too well in the televised bouts.


Chris John UD Rocky Juarez 2: In an almost exact replica of their first fight, John outboxed Juarez until the 11th. John finally slowed down and was nearly KO’d in the 12. But it was too late, and dejected Juarez hinted at retirement as this was his 5th world title attempt.


Michael Katsidis SD Vicente Escobedo: Even with a grotesque swollen jaw, Katsidis never stopped coming forward and outworked Escobedo in a bruising WBO title match. In the press room, both Katsidis and Marquez were open to facing each other next year.



De La Hoya Signs Linares

On Saturday (September 19), De La Hoya shot out an email regarding a surprise press conference to precede the fight. I had my fingers crossed, hoping it wasn’t something dreadful like a comeback announcement for De La Hoya-Mayweather II. Thankfully, Oscar just wanted to confirm his signing of undefeated WBA junior lightweight champion Jorge Linares (27-0, 18 KOs). Check out the below clip and highlights of the man Golden Boy is banking on as its next big star.



Reminder: Klitschko-Arreola This Coming Saturday September 26 (HBO)

Althoughy many aren’t giving Arreola a chance, be sure to check out his title attempt against Vitali Klitschko on HBO. Odds are Arreola is getting KO’d, but for however long it lasts he’ll put pressure on the older Klitschko, giving us an exciting fight.