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I will be a guest tonight on the Boxing Truth Radio Show reviewing Mayweather-Mosley and all the news from Las Vegas! Show airs tonight at 9PM EST and can be listened to at the below stream. Wu-Tang’s Raekwon will also be a guest. Call in and voice your own opinions at 562-219-3603. Streaming Video by Ustream.TV […]

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I will be a guest tonight on the Boxing Truth Radio Show reviewing Mayweather-Mosley and all the news from Las Vegas! Show airs tonight at 9PM EST and can be listened to at the below stream. Wu-Tang’s Raekwon will also be a guest. Call in and voice your own opinions at 562-219-3603.

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV


Floyd Mayweather Explains His Victory, Discusses Possible Manny Pacquiao Fight


Shane Mosley and Naazim Richardson Reflect on the Loss




Mayweather says the fight with Pacquiao can happen if he takes the blood test.  Crowd applauds him.

Official Decision

119-109 twice, 118-110 Unanimous Decision Floyd Mayweather. I gave Shane 1 round on my card. Like him or not, Mayweather shut up a lot of people tonight. We’ll see if Pacquiao wants it, because of rematch of this is very unnecessary.


Mosley eats a hard right hook for clinching on the inside. Floyd looking for a KO but Mosley clinching almost non-stop.They exchange and Floyd shots get there first. Mosley eats a left-right-left hook combo on the inside. Crowd seems stunned. They expected Money to get challenged. They hug to end. Mayweather 10-9


Mosley clinching whenever they get close, it’s Floyd looking to punch. Hard right hook catches Shane. Hard left hook stuns Shane. Straight right lands. Floyd is the stronger man in the ring tonight, pushing Mosley off and around. Straight right from Mayweather out the shoulder roll. Wonder what Pacquiao thinks of this. Mayweather 10-9


Mayweather stadning in front of Shane firing with full power. Mosley eats 2 hard hooks. Mayweather eating Shane up on the inside. Shane eats a hard right and left hook.  Decent right hook to the body from Shane. Mosley eats another hard right. he’s breathing hard but won’t go down. Mayweather is shutting up a lot of critics tonight. He’s hasn’t ran once. Mayweather 10-9


Slow round, Shane laboring, his mouth bloody. Mosley looking to clinch when he can. Right crashing home on Shane, who’s now getting elbows in the throat for clinching from Mayweather. Left hook out the clinch from Mayweather. Mosley looks tired, no snap on his punches, clinching when he can. Right hand clocks Mosley who swings wildly back at air. Mayweather 10-9


Class is in session. Floyd rocking Shane with hard rights. Money talking to Shane, laughing in the clinches. Horrible. Shane has nothing for him tonight except that chin. And its getting tested. We may see a stoppage because Floyd is snapping his neck back constantly. Mayweather 10-9


Mayweather alternating between the high guard and shoulder roll, has Shane flinching. Mosley’s fans completely drained. Mosley stunned but 2 hard rights. Mayweather going in for the kill. Shane fire back but hits air. Mosley goes for broke and catches Mayweather with an overhand right. Jab down the middle lands for Floyd. Mosley looking all of his 38 years.. Mayweather 10-9


Floyd checks Mosley chin with a hard right to the jaw. 30 seconds later 2 more for good measure. Like I said before the fight, Floyd has deceptive power, Mosley is not using his strength to muscle Floyd and truly coming foward. Even against the ropes he’s hesitant to throw. It’s his only shot, though. SHANE YOU CANNOT OUTBOX FLOYD. Mayweather 10-9


Mosley clinching early. Shane confused about how to attack. Mosley booed for clinching. Right hand to the body from Floyd. Mosley landing nothing of note. Short right out of clinchin from Floyd. Check left hook allows Mayweather to roll off the ropes. Floyd throwing hard.Jab for Shane, missing follow up right. Mayweather does not. Not looking good, Floyd starting to go after him. Mayweather 10-9


Floyd fighting at his pace. Shane can’t win this way. Check left hook catches Shane. Mosley hesitant to come in. Floyd drilling him now. Catches him with a straight right. Mosley clinches after eating an overhand right against the ropes. Easy Mayweather round. Jab catching Shane, too. Mayweather 10-9


Mayweather starts early with a 3 punch combo to Shane’s face. Mosley moving back this round waiting on Maywather. Left hook out a clinch catcxhes Shane. Mayweather with a left-right hook combo to drive Shane back. Mosley trying to fight Mayweather is ring center is nuts. Clear Mayweather round. Mayweather 10-9


Hard right hand blast Mayweather. Mayweather takes it well. Mayweather tries to brwawl and gets caught again! Legs buckle, Mayweather being tested like we thought. Mayweather coming foward, crowd chanting for Mosle. Floyd back with a straight rights, Mosley going backwards now. We have a fight! Great round! Mosley 10-9


Tactical as Shane predicted. He was jabbing a lot to the body, but Mayweather caught him witha  jab and counter right. Shane was clinching a lot. Nothing too heavy landed. Mayweather 10-9


Entrances should be shortly. Will Smith went over to greet Ali. Haven’t seen the Greatest smile that wide in a long time…

7:55PM PT

HUGE pop/ovation for Iron Mike Tyson in the house.

7:47PM PT

Alvarez annihilates Cotto with a series of right hands. Cotto was slipping some, but the ones he was catching were flush, causing referee Tony Weeks to call for the TKO stoppage in round 9. Mayweather-Mosley up next!

7:31PM PT

Muhammad Ali just walked in and got a standing ovation. Wonder if word got back to the Greatest about Maywearther saying he’s the better fighter.

7:20PM PT

Alvarez with a nice right uppercut to get a balance knockdown at the end of round 2.

7:07PM PT

One more fight before the main event people, undefeated Saul Alvarez (31-0, 23 KOs) against Miguel Cotto’s brother, Jose Miguel Cotto (31-1-1, 23 KOs).

7:02PM PT

The judges prefer Ponce De Leon’s body punching and come-foward style, and he scores a unanimous decision.

6:43PM PT

De Leon vs. Lock starting to heat up. De Leon trying to put the pressure on, but Lock’s movement is bothering him and preventing him from getting good leverage on his shots.

6:33PM PT

Shane/Floyd being shown on the way to the arena. Mosley very calm and stoic, Mayweather full of energy.

6: 26PM PT

I doubt Daniel Ponce de Leon and Cornelius Locke go the distance…

6:09PM PT

Said Ouali gets up after a flash knockdown and steamrolls Saldivia, dropping him 2 times for a dominat 1st round TKO. Quali got knockdowns off a straight left and right hook. Saldivia could barely stand after the assault

6:05PM PT

First bout we got 2 vets in Hector Saldivia (31-1, 24 KOs) and Said Quali (26-3, 18 KOs).

6:00PM PT

Jim Lampley and everyone is in place. PPV should be going live any moment…


You know you’re a boxing junkie when you come to the arena hours beforehand and stare at the ring, envisioning the fight in your mind….

3:41PM PT

Ridiculous crowds out here just milling about. It’s not verified yet if we have a sellout but I’m almost certain we do. Way more electric than Mayweather-Marquez last year. Walking around you are prone to running to boxing guys like Alfredo Angulo, Emmanuel Steward, and Brian Kenny. There was even a John Starks sighting!

3:15PM PT

Fight start at 7:00PM EST. These are fights that are not being televised, which you can watch here. Official PPV undercard starts at 9PM EST.



Decided to go down to the arena early. Going backstage I nearly got ran over by a guy on stilts as the O’Jays came out practicing an entrance. I won’t spoil it, but music fans should have an idea what song they’ll do and who they’ll be coming out for. You guys will love it…


We have all you need to see regarding the big fight tonight! All of our interviews and coverage is below. Also, we will be ringside for a firsthand play by play DURING THE FIGHT! Also, click here for our most recent story on the weigh in and a pair of legends comment on Mosely vs Mayweather.  FIRST – WHO ARE YOU PICKING?

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Remember, tonight, we’ll be ringside to give you everything you need to see and hear about the happenings behind the scenes!