Top Ten Expensive Accessories For Jay-Z And Bey’s Baby, Blue Ivy


Together, Jay-Z and Beyonce are worth almost a half-billion dollars. Both artists are industries unto themselves. Since they have celebrate their first child, Blue Ivy, The Carters are going to need to start purchasing baby clothes for the little tike. But what kind of gifts would one purchase two of the richest entertainers on earth? has put together a list of baby clothes that might interest Jay-Z and Beyonce. Since the pair also have plenty of rich friends, this also makes as a great gift guide. Just tell them sent you. 🙂

DG Junior Ocelet Print Coat $460

1. D&G Junior Ocelot Print Coat: Jay-Z and Beyonce may want to consider this DG Junior Ocelet print jacket, on those brisk mornings they walk little Blue through New York. This nice little imported jacket is made of Rayon on the outside, stuffed with polyester and lined with Cotton. It has a nice front zipper, along with snaps up the front to keep the little one extra warm and cozy. And It would only set the power couple back $ 460.00

Moncler Girl

2.  Girl’s Snowsuit  We know the power couple travels constantly. On those frigid trips to Aspen, where they hobnob with billionaires like Mike Meldman of Discovery Land Corporation, the new parents may want to consider this snow suit by Moncler. This is sold at Barney of New York. It features a Matte zip front, along with a detachable hood. The only issue the new parents might have with this snow suit is that it’s only available in red, which might not sit will with Blue. It’s only $515.00

Gucci Quilted Jacket

3. Gucci Quilted Jacket: For those spring nights in Hollywood, little Blue Ivy might want to be wrapped up in style in this Gucci quilted jacket. Sold via, this little stylist jacket comes in powder pink, and is totally waterproof. The jacket has an elastic belt with a GG heart metal buckle, in addition to a nylon lining. This jacket might ruffle the feather of PETA if Blue Ivy’s parents decide to cop this one. It is stuffed with goose feather downing and has white fox fur detail on the hood.  The cost of this, along with the wrath of PETA, is just  $559.

Baby Dior Flower Dress

4. Baby Dior Flower Dress: Little baby blue is no doubt going to be photographed by the media as she gets older. But for now, she would look adorable in this baby do you work flowered dress. This little dress comes in Ivory, and features sheer balloon sleeves. The dress is made out of silk, and has gathered round neckline. And it’s worth the $605 price tag, since Dior is nice enough to throw in a pair of matching “bloomers.”

MANUDIECI Sweet Downy winter bag for girls

5. MANUDIECI Sweet Downy winter bag for girls: When Beyoncé is in far away places like Russia, she she may want to consider this nice little baby bag by Manudieci. Blue Ivy would be a warm bundle of joy in this winter bag for girls. The baby bag is made especially for a cold winter. It’s hood and fur are separable, and comes with an in front continuous zipper. The jacket consists of 53% PP, 38% polyester, 9% PU Filling, 90% Dawn and 10% feathers/springs. Again, not a good choice because of PETA, but hey it’s a free country. And it’s just $622.00

Burberry Leather Trench Coat: $895

6. Leather Trenchcoat by Burberry:  Blue Ivy’s mommy and daddy will no doubt, want to protect them from the elements. That’s why we recommend this $895 Burberry leather trenchcoat for girls. The jacket is made of soft lamb leather. It comes with a belted waist, signature epaulettes, a rain shield, button-tab cuffs and button down pockets. It wouldn’t be complete without metal buttons engraved with the Burberry logo. Oh yeah, it also has a gun flap, in case the child inherits her daddy’s trigger finger.

Gucci Teddy Bear Pendant

7. Teddy Bear Pendant: This little teddy bear pendant would look great on Blue Ivy. It’s nice and subtle, yet still elegant, as one would expect from Gucci.  The necklace and pendant are 18kt yellow gold, and weighs 6.11 grams. An adjustable closure that allows the necklace to stretch out to 15.8″ in length ensure that Blue can get more than a few years out of it, for the $1050 price tage.

Dior Baby Ivory Silk Christening Gown Bonnet 2 Piece Set

8. Baby Ivory Silk Christening Gown & Bonnet 2 Piece Set: Despite all the crazy rumors floating around on the net, it is too soon to know what religious denomination Baby Blue will adhere to. While Jay-Z has taken several shots at organized religion, his wife, Beyonce was raised in the church and is a devote Christian. Either way, we thought this Ivory Silk Christening gown by Dior would look great on Blue Ivy. For just $1017, Blue Ivy will look nice, regardless of what faith she chooses.

LANVIN Sleeveless Dress 

9. LANVIN Sleeveless Dress: All those hot summer nights Beyoncé can keep her baby looking cool, stylish and elegant in this Lanvin sleeveless dress. Blue Ivy would look like royalty in this sleeveless crewneck dress, which measures just 22 inches in length. With pleating at the waist and an invisible zipper in the back, Blue Ivy would be the center of attention in this silk dress, which costs a mere  $1,145.00

Bling Baby Diamond Encrusted Pendant: $17,000

10. 3ct. Diamond Pacifier (278 Pave Set Diamonds): We know that Jay-Z has a love for expensive jewelry, and if the old saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” it’s true we can expect nothing but the best for Blue Ivy. She can start her jewelery collection off early with this diamond encrusted pacifier. The 3ct pacifier is set in 278 diamonds, which is made by Bling Baby and costs a cool $17,000.

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