Andre LeRoy Davis Presents Trayvon Martin Inspired Art Exhibition


(AllHipHop News) Today, February 26th, marks two years since the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin. As a tribute to Martin’s life, artist and author Andre LeRoy Davis (The Source magazine’s “The Last Word”) has curated a new multi-medium art exhibition titled 17: The Revolution Will Be Visualized.

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Davis tapped 17 African-American artists to present works that not only honor Martin, but also serve as protest pieces against the senseless killing of all young Black males and laws such as “Stop and Frisk” and “Stand Your Ground.”

The exhibit is showing at the Stratosphere Studios in Brooklyn. An opening ceremony is scheduled for today from 6-10 pm and March 1st from 3-6 pm. Davis and the other artists will be on hand to discuss their artwork.


17 will also feature similar events at the Artifactz Studio Gallery in New Rochelle (March 15th) and The Art Gallery in Harlem (May 10th). The closing ceremony for the event will take place May 11th from 2-8 pm at The Art Gallery.

The artists commissioned to participate in 17: The Revolution Will Be Visualized are Cey Adams, Baba Dawud Anyabuile, Reuben Cheatem, Jennifer Crute, Jerry Lee Brice, Stephan LeRoy Davis, Ida “Hotpeenzbutta” Harris, Fedrecia Hartley, Chris Herod, Oronde Kairi Johnson, Gerald Jones, Isis Kenney, Sheeba Maya, Kevin McDowell, Chaly Palmer, TTK, and Grey Williamson.

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