Donald Sterling Blasts Wife, Her Lawyer & The Media During Clippers Ownership Trial


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(AllHipHop News) The ongoing saga involving Donald Sterling and the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers entered a courtroom this week. Sterling and estranged wife Shelly Sterling are fighting it out in court on whether Shelly had the authority to sell the NBA team.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Donald Sterling took the stand on Tuesday and used his testimony to challenge his wife, her legal team, and the news media.

Sterling accused Shelly of misleading him about mental health exams he apparently took in May that were used to determine his ability to be involved in the Sterling Family Trust.

“I trusted my wife. I relied on her. I love her… Those two doctors should not be practicing medicine, you know it and I know it,” said Sterling. He later told Shelly’s lawyer Bert Fields, “You told [the doctors] to find something wrong so we can sell the team. He did what he was told and the woman did.”

Sterling also claimed one of the specialists that tested him was intoxicated at the time of the exam and told him she was now a heavy drinker due to debts from a divorce.

Parts of Sterling’s testimony also included the 80-year-old telling Fields to “be a man,” suggesting news reports about his past statements we created in the mind of journalists, and arguing his wife “can’t run anything” and does not have his level of experience.

“What do you think I’m doing this for, ego?” he asked Fields at one point.

“Yes,” the attorney responded.

NBA owners are set to vote on a proposed sale of the Clippers to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on July 15. Ballmer offered to purchase the team from the Sterling Family Trust for a reported $2 billion.

The sale cannot go through without approval from the judge. The parties have until September 15 to settle the deal or the league can put the team up for auction.

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