Eminem Delays Movie “Southpaw” To Work On Music


(AllHipHop News) A highly anticipated acting role featuring rapper Eminem has been delayed, so the rapper can work on new music.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Eminem has delayed plans to start filming the movie “Southpaw,” said that he could get into the recording studio.

“He’s focusing on his music right now, so while he’s doing that, while he’s in that space, he wanted to put this on hold for the time being,” said Eminem spokesman Dennis Dennehy.

The rapper was supposed to start as a left-handed boxer in the flick, his only other starring role since 2002’s#### movie “8 Mile.”

“Southpaw,” which had an estimated budget of about $30 million, will still be made, according to Dennehy.

“Southpaw,” which is being directed by Antoine Fuqua and shot mainly in Em’s home state of Michigan, is indefinitely on hold.