EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Henchman Trial Day 4 – Agents Tell Witness What To Write


(AllHipHop News) The fourth day of testimony in the trial of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond continued today (May 17) in Federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

Federal authorities claim Rosemond headed up a $10 million-per-year cocaine operation that sold hundreds of kilos each month in the New York area, and sent millions in proceeds to the West Coast.

Today in court, federal prosecutors unveiled a number of purchases Rosemond made in cash for renovations to his luxury Brooklyn condominium.

Prosecutors produced receipts showing that Rosemond had hired a Miami, Florida company to install an audio/visual system in his condominium, which totaled $153,000.

Rosemond allegedly paid for some of the renovations by handing one contractor a bag of cash totaling $21,000.

He also paid another contractor a total of over $300,000 in cash to have to his luxury condominium refurbished.

Rosemond’s lawyer Gerald Shargel did not dispute the fact that Rosemond made a number of large purchases in cash, and implied that the proceeds came from Rosemond’s legitimate business, Czar Entertainment.

Another witness was produced, named Jillianna Quinones, who Rosemond used to date.

Quinones testified that in May of 2011, Rosemond gave her a large amount of cash to take to Los Angeles, where he planned to meet with her to pick up the money.

Quinones attempted to fly to Los Angeles, but was stopped by Federal agents, who questioned her about where the cash originated.

When she landed in Los Angeles, two more agents further questioned Quinones, took pictures of her holding a large bag of money, and allegedly forced her to sign a cooperation agreement.

“They [agents] said it was drug money,” Quinones testified. “But he [Jimmy] said that was not the case.”

According to Quinones, the agents coached her on what to write on a cooperation agreement.

Quinones, 25, even said agents told her to write that the proceeds were derived from illegal activities.

She then gave authorities Rosemond’s cell phone number, and authorities promptly seized the cash, which was still stuffed inside her Louis Vuitton knapsack, as well as another carry-on bag.

Testimony continues.