EXCLUSIVE: Twista Releasing “Reloaded” Mixtape with Don Cannon; Clears the Air on G.O.O.D. Music and YMCMB Signing Rumors


(AllHipHop News) This past weekend, AllHipHop.com sat down with Chicago rapper Twista before his packed performance at the Key Club on Sunset Strip Blvd in Hollywood, California.

During the interview, the former Guinness Book of World Record’s fastest rapper explained the sound and type of songs that he’s been recording for his upcoming effort titled, The Dark Horse.

“I got the Reloaded mixtape – that’s what they call it – Reloaded with my man, DJ Don Cannon, and it’s got a bunch of stuff that I just been having brewing, that I’ve been ready to let out there. And I think its time to, because I’m gearing up for the album. The name of the album is The Dark Horse; that’s my baby right there, so make sure y’all are ready for that. But Reloaded is definitely what’s gonna hit them first, man,” Twista told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview.

While Twista was quiet about who will be featured on his project, he did acknowledge that he had taken note of the other Chicago rappers, like Chief Keef and King Louie. Twista tipped his hat to the younger generation of rappers, saying that Chicago’s rise was long overdue, and he even hinted at a possibility that one of the new Chicago up-and-coming rappers would be featured on his project.

“Well, a lot of the artists in Chicago, really everybody I pay attention to, everybody that you see coming up out of Chicago, from the Chief Keefs, on down to his whole camp, King Louie, my guys GMG, Mello Tha Guddamann, B-Hype, Showtime, everybody, man,” Twista explained. “I be paying attention to everybody, and I feel it’s long overdue, man. It’s just funny how the universe works. I just sit back as an OG, watch it all, have a ball, and smile.”

Twista also took the time to clear the air on a few rumors about a potential signing with Kanye West’s GOOD Music or Lil Wayne’s YMCMB label.

“Yea I know him [Kanye West] and Trackster been talking a little bit lately, but you know I just been kinda grinding on this mixtape real hard, and now that I’m bout to sink into the deep part of the album, I’m finna reach out to him. But for the most part, I be doing my thing, but we still cool, everybody vibin’. I just haven’t gotten to that part,” Twista said of his work with West. “That’s crazy – none of it is really true; it’s just that when people heard that I was going into a new situation, it just started spark, just from the way questions was being answered and misinterpreted and things like that, it started sparking. You know, but I definitely love the vibe of the fans on how they think and how they vibe with stuff. It’s funny and it’s definitely something to pay attention to, and you want to vibe with it, but I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that its going to be unique. “ Fans can expect more big news from Twista in the coming months, as he confirmed that he is working on some sort of agreement and restructuring for his label situation. “I’m right in the middle of something right now, because it didn’t manifest that far yet. But it’s definitely going to be unique, but one thing that I do is always try to set trends on the business end as far as the type of deals that I do – not just ‘this big deal or that.’ But as far as the actual recording agreement on how I release my music, I always try to come up with new and innovative ways for artists or the label, because I’ve been in this for so long.”