From Illseed: For Those Haters That Said They Would “Tap” Madonna!


Yo! I know you love to hate me, sucka! And I don’t mind it. THIS IS WHAT I DO. But when you GOOF M#### F**KAS start calling me gay, because I don’t want to see Madonna’s old, overused chocha – that’s where I draw the line. I don’t often read the comments, but I did on that post and I never saw so much blind hate and foolishness in my life. (Not from everybody, but a couple lonely boys were a lil’ too vocal.) So I thought I’d get you dudes all RANDY since you claimed you were so aroused over MADGE!

Here you go, jerk heads! Get your s**t off!

nm madonna old 090224 mn Madonna Totally Had Plastic Surgery

“Come and get it, boys!”

“Will you pick my dentures for me?”

Time for that plastic surgery!

“Call me, guys.”

Now, Madonna is a legend and an artist of incomparable stature. At 53, she should NOT be flashing her cooch to people that love to see. NUFF SAID!