Hip-Hop Rumors: BET Awards Rumors And Tidbits – Was Breezy Toting A Nine?!


The 2012 BET Awards last night was one of the most star-studded BET Awards shows ever! With a front row consisting of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian, last night’s show was pretty phenomenal. There were plenty of things going on backstage, and we have a laundry list of rumors and tidbits to go with your morning coffee.

Let’s start with a rumor that had twitter going crazy – Chris Brown didn’t bring his girlfriend Karruache to the show, but rumors were swirling that he allegedly had a Nina by his side. You know a heater, a nine, a gun!

After accepting his award for best R&B artist, someone started an awful rumor that Breezy was caught backstage with a gun. Being that he has had an ongoing beef with Drake, this rumor was sort of believable. Thank goodness a few moments later, Chris Brown appeared on stage to perform and all was well in Team Breezy land. Can you imagine if that was actually true? Chris Brown is currently on probation, so that would have been a very bad look for him and would have definitely caught him some jail time.

Beyonce and Jay-Z had the crowd going wild, and were actually drinking Ace Of Spades from the front row. Our spy tells us that they had a bodyguard on hand, with two bottles of Ace of Spades, so they were never parched during the show. Ballin! Jay and Bey each had a bodyguard, and the two lugs sat together during the show – how sweet.

Jeremy Scott, the designer of the Adidas “Shackle Shoe” or slave shoe has it was dubbed for its design, was actually at the BET Awards and was hanging out with A$AP Rocky. A$AP must have an Adidas deal coming down the pipeline, because he was wearing an Adidas suit during his performance. Get that money, A$AP!

The crowd was rowdy as ever, and we hear that folks kept screaming from the balcony in an effort to get on TV. They failed to disrupt the show or get their TV shine on, so they eventually chilled out.

At one point, a woman who was sitting fairly close was yelling for Beyonce, and her bodyguard seemed to sense danger and came to the aid of Mrs. Carter. The woman was acting like she caught the holy ghost or something, and Bey’s bodyguard was about to hem her up when she calmed down and left Bey alone.

Speaking of the Carters, when Jay-Z won video of the year over Beyonce, the two briefly play-fought as Jay was getting up from his seat to claim his award.

The crowd got rowdy once again when the boy group Mindless Behavior won the Viewers Choice Award over Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Chris Brown. They began booing the pre-teen boys as they made their way to the stage. This isn’t “106 & Park” – this is the BET Awards. Nobody there really cared about the B2K wannabes.

After the Whitney Houston tribute, the crowd began to file out, and BET had trouble filling all of the seats up with their “seat fillers.” Somebody call Kelly Rowland and Duane Martin!!!

Well, there you have it! I will keep you posted on any other BET rumors I hear throughout the day. Peace and hair grease!