Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z Threaten To End Chris Brown's Career?


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I have to admit, my jaw dropped when I saw the photos of Rihanna at one of Jay-Z Barclays shows along with Chris Brown. We’ve all heard the rumors of Jay-Z despising Chris Brown because of the domestic violence attack he put her through a few years back.

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It turns out, Jigga invited Breezy to the show himself! According to The Sun, Hov invited him to the show so that he could sit him down and give Breezy a good, hard talking to. The heart-to-heart conversation consisted of Jay-Z flexing his industry muscle and allegedly telling Chris Brown that he would “end his career” if he hurt Rihanna again, either physically or emotionally.

No word on how Chris Brown responded to the threats, but how can C. B. ensure that he won’t hurt Rihanna emotionally again? Ish happens, especially in a relationship in the public eye.

Sidenote – Chris Brown was spotted going to a car wash with his ex-girlfriend Karruche in tow just this weekend! I wonder how Jigga will respond to that!

As for Rihanna, Jay-Z  allegedly told her that if Chris makes her happy, she should “go for it.”

According to the rumor mill, Rihanna and Chris Brown were in the studio together working on a new dance track collaboration over the weekend, when things got a little freaky. The two allegedly wanted the simulated moans and groans on the track to sound like they were really having sex, and decided to go on and do the d*mn thing, According to a report by MediaTakeOut, Chris and Rihanna allegedly asked everyone except the sound engineer to leave — so they could allegedly have REAL sex to make the song more authentic.

The way these two are going, how long before the Chris Brown and Rihanna sex tape we heard about hits the market?

Oh, and Rihanna’s on the cover of the new Vogue. Check her out in all her glory below!

In the magazine, Rihanna says that the public doesn’t have “closure” in regards to her incident with Chris Brown:

“To the world, I feel like there’s no closure. There’s some obsession that’s continued even throughout when we weren’t friends or couldn’t be friends at all. Hated each other. The world hasn’t let go. They haven’t seen any progress in our friendship, because they don’t see anything, really, besides the song.”

Well, now that the public is seeing these two together more, closure should be just around the corner.

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