Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Waka Flocka Fire His Manager Mother?


Looks like Waka Flocka and his mogul manager mother are going their separate ways, says blogger Sandra Rose. Well, Rose didn’t actually say it, but she sparked it. In a not-so-blind item, she says that Waka let his mother Deb Antney go on Monday as his longterm manager. What is rumored to have happened is Waka cold went on tour with Drake and when he got back, he expected to have about $350K. Only problem is that he never got it. They are trying to say that she spent it all on various things, including handbags and shoes. Apparently, said rumor may lead to actual litigation against the mother. The person that spilled the beans? Apparently, the office manager did. Just so you know, there are no names named, but what other rapper has a mother for a manager? I can’t think of one off the top. I think Waka may want to chill because his mother is a real G. Like a female Suge Knight before the KO.