Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Electronica's "Illuminati" Adulturer Says "Jay Electronica Saved My Life"


Last week, news broke that Jay Electronica was in the middle of a huge divorce between a powerful and filthy rich “illuminati couple,” Ben Goldsmith and Kate Rothschild. To bring you up to speed, Kate Goldsmith is an heiress of the Rothschild banking family, who has had infamous links to the Illuminati. Ben is her husband who is currently filing for divorce from Kate because he found out that Jay and Kate were having an affair and found illicit and sexy text messages to back up his suspicions.

Well, now Kate is coming to the defense of Jay Electronica and has even said that he “saved my life in many ways.” Check out the messages Kate posted on her Twitter page below:

Wow, the chick is going through a divorce and is accused of cheating with him, and she still defends Jay Elect and even praises him on the last tweet above. In the words of illseed, “Jay Elec went in and snagged him an heiress.”

Jay Electronica also recently tweeted the photo above of Kate accompaniyng him on a helicopter ride to a “Watch The Throne” concert recently. Jay is bold, isn’t he? I guess he ain’t scared of the Illuminati. Below is a photo of Jay Electronica with Kate’s estranged husband, Ben.

Jay is cold!