Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Jimmy Henchman Beat The Cocaine Case?


Have you read AHH’s extensive reporting on the Jimmy Henchman cocaine case? Shout out to Grouchy Greg on that one. So click here for all the stories on that. But, there are whispers going on in the court room after the week or so trial period. Word coming out of the court is that Jimmy may actually beat the case. Now there is a lot of what they call circumstantial evidence against Jimmy, but as far as hardcore damning evidence, I am being told there is very little if any. I mean, this rumor is just based on a few days of testimony and there is plenty more to go. On the flip side, it would seem that the major defense Jimmy’s lawyer has presented is the journalist  Chuck Philips basically did a bunch of articles saying that Henchy was a snitch. These dudes turned around and snitched from there to get Jimmy back for allegedly snitching. Well….the trial continues today. Get it HERE!