Prodigy Talks Performing In L.A. During 2Pac Beef & Getting Love From Kendrick Lamar


(AllHipHop News) Prodigy of Mobb Deep has had his fair share of high-profile beefs during his career. One stand-out is the 1990’s battle he and his partner Havoc had with the California icon Tupac Shakur which included Pac famously dissing the Mobb on his classic track “Hit ‘Em Up.”

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During an interview with Whoolywood Shuffle, DJ Whoo Kid points out that almost two decades later current West Coast rapper Schoolboy Q names Mobb Deep as was one of his influences.

The mention led Prodigy to reflect back on that time in the mid-90’s when New York artists and Cali artists were sending shots back-and-forth. According to the Queens native, Mobb Deep was still greeted with love in California at the time despite the spats on wax.

“Even during that time when Mobb Deep and Pac were going through our sh*t, we still had crazy love from L.A.,” said Prodigy. “We were going out there performing ‘L.A., L.A.’ It was number one on L.A. radio. In the middle of that drama. It was always all love out there.”

The conversation then turned to another new school Los Angeles emcee – Kendrick Lamar. After giving a shout out to Schoolboy, Prodigy expressed his surprise that K. Dot apparently said P is one of his favorite rappers.

“You know what really shocked me was when Kendrick Lamar had named his top favorite rappers,” states Prodigy. “He said his favorite rappers are 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Prodigy. That f**ked my head up.”

Prodigy also talks about the upcoming Mobb Deep album, his 90-page novella H.N.I.C., and collaborating with M.O.P. for the first time.

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Watch Prodigy’s interview below.