Ep 1: J. Cole’s Doc “Road to Homecoming – F**k Money, Spread Love”

King Cole Is A Man Of The People!

Traverse with J. Cole as he passes through New York, London and North Carolina preparing his 2014 hit album Forest Hills Drive. The rapper talks about how he has evolved, his legacy and coming into his own. “Where they put me is where they put me…I know where I put me. Wherever they put me, that on them,” he says. This is one episode it 1/4 that leads up to the Jan. 9 premiere on HBO.

Cole World wrote a little tter to all the fans:

J. Cole: Road to Homecoming – F**k Money, Spread Love (Episode 1) from HBO on Vimeo.

J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming premieres Saturday, Jan. 9 at 10 PM on HBO, HBO GO, and HBO NOW.