Torae Drops Dope New Video With 3D Na’Tee, Respect To Terence Crutcher


As we have pushed forward this year, Torae’s second album has slipped from the consciousness a bit. However, the newest visuals for “Crown” will remind everybody how dope Entitled truly was. This album cut opposes police brutality and pushes the positive agenda of royal blood in African DNA. Furthermore, the video features lady lyricist 3D Na’Tee

In a statement, Torae explained the meaning behind the video.

“I was really on the fence about dropping this video today. We shot ‘Crown’ last month with plans to release it this week, then #TerenceCrutcher happened. Immediately I thought we can’t drop the video now, it’s in poor taste. However the more I mulled it over, the more I felt it was the perfect time to release this visual. These are the harsh realities we are facing as black men & women in this country every single day. The fact of the matter is today “Crown” is a music video I willingly filmed, tomorrow I could end up the same way in a video shot by a bystander.”

  • Torae