A ‘New Obsession’ Rondre Dent Has Got The Rap Industry Talking Again!

One of the major drillers in the industry whose wave is going all around town

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The continuous reinvention of rap music has brought us new tunes, new voices, and big stars. One of the major drillers in the industry whose wave is going all around town. He could be the next big thing happening to rap music currently.

AHH:  Your name in the rap industry is becoming a household name. It’s getting whispers all over. How does that make you feel?

Rondre Dent: Well I feel great and grateful. I mean even though I put in the work and I sure expected this, I believe this is God opening a huge door for me. 

AHH: We know you’ve been in the music game since you were seven with great feats to show for it, but for the past 5 years you left your fans hanging in the air, what was going on? 

Rondre Dent: Well a lot of things were happening at the time with family and business and I’m not the one to put out half seasoned music. I was just half focused so I decided to put some things in place first.

AHH: You got back into the rap game like a year ago. How did you get this far in such a short time? So many rappers haven’t and still couldn’t achieve what you’ve garnered in just a year. What makes you different?

Rondre Dent:  My tune is different, my voice is different and I move differently. Nobody can do it how I do it. Plus  I had already garnered fans from my first release back in 2005. They were still hanging around fortunately for me, so when news dropped that I was releasing new music, I was able to pick up right where I left off.

AHH: We assume you’ve met other artists in your gene of music

Rondre Dent: Of course I have. I have relationships with many artists in and outside of my genre.

AHH: What do they have to say about your music 

Rondre Dent: I get the ‘hey your music is dope’ and ‘keep getting at it, bro’. It’s all love and massive encouragement from them and this certifies that I’m doing something right.

AHH: How do you coin your sound into being different from theirs?

Rondre Dent: I put real-life relatable stories into my raps. Never something you wouldn’t relate to. The emotions behind real life, the real times, and our real reactions to both serious and mundane stuff. And I go all the way for the girls too, they rule the times haha! All of this gives my music the right energy and the real you can’t but feel it!

AHH:  Talking about them girls, rumor has it that there’s a lady already holding you down

Rondre Dent: It’s no rumor though. Yeah, my wife holds me down to the fullest. She just made me a proud parent again.

AHH: Wow! Never knew there was a baby

Rondre Dent: Princess Laia! Hahaha!

AHH: So, how do you create music, what is the process like and what does it take? A book and a pen?

Rondre Dent: I said earlier that I rap about real-life stuff so technically when some real stuff that hit on a different level happens to or around me I go into a rap mood. Sometimes I write and sometimes I go to the studio and vent. 

AHH: Oh yes we haven’t forgotten that you’re also a born songwriter, is there anything you don’t do? 

Rondre Dent: Haha! It’s all God. I didn’t want to go out of the jurisdiction of being a rapper that this interview is based on but apart from being a rapper that writes and also produces songs, I’m also a businessman, I founded iMonstrous Media.

AHH: Seriously. So it should really be Rondre Dent; the rapper, the producer, the songwriter and the entrepreneur!

Rondre Dent: as it should be 

AHH: As it really should be! Should we look forward to any new projects?

Rondre Dent:  On that! We have some cool music coming your way soon

AHH: Can you tell us more about them?

Rondre Dent:  Okay there are two major projects; Smelling like a million E.P getting released on Oct 10, 2022 and  Sorry I’m busy E.P on  Jan 3, 2023. These E.Ps are Produced by my humble self and will be distributed by iMonstrous Media LLC & Vydia!

AHH: What should we expect from these incoming projects

Rondre Dent: A new obsession! These two bangers are going to end up on repeat. This is why I keep my head down and my hands busy; to give you nothing less than the best! 

AHH: We’ll surely look forward to that. Thanks for your time today Rondre Dent

Rondre Dent: Pleasure is all mine

AHH: to get more info about Rondre Dent follows @imonstrousdre on Instagram. Stay firm!