Atlanta Artist Rajah Marie Emerges on The Scene with Dope New Sound

Rajah Marie arrived on the music scene and jumped in headfirst, she seems to be going full speed ahead. 

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Rajah Marie is making waves in the industry this year. Her angelic voice, paired with new and refreshing melodies seems to be something different. Some of Rajah’s influences are apparent as she has a similar Cadence to Drake, H.E.R, and has even been compared to the likes of Lauryn Hill. She’s managed to create her own sound that combines them all. Rajah Marie’s top singles this year include” Used To” and” Five Days” which are interestingly both very different sounds.

It’s awesome to see artists with such versatility that they can cater to many audiences. ” Five Days” gives us a melodic drill feel with her voice gliding through the thumping beat, and” Used To” gives us a more true R&B feel, spilling out emotions and resonating with her female audience on the struggles of a toxic relationship. Rajah has expressed her interest in many different genres including. R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, and even some Pop and Rock influences mentioned the importance of keeping an open mind when creating music, in her words” There is no genre, I won’t touch! Good Music is Good Music” (Rajah Marie).

Rajah describes her creative style as” reactionary music” stating that she writes best when amid a situation rather than afterward. ” All my songs were written in truth, either while I’m going through it or right after”,” I feel like that gives it that extra edge because my listeners know that this is happening, and they can connect even deeper” (Rajah Marie). When asked about what makes her different, Rajah Marie explained that her willingness to explore and create music that is personal yet universal keeps people on their toes because its real-life situations turned into art”,” I don’t claim to be different.

Still, I am the only Rajah Marie, ha-ha so however that is interpreted is up to the listener” (Rajah Marie). Rajah Marie has been through challenging situations and as we get to know her more as a person and as an artist through her music, her ability to write at the moment makes every single one just that more exciting to listen to.

We’re excited to see just how far Rajah Marie will go as she has already made waves. Rajah Marie arrived on the music scene and jumped in headfirst, she seems to be going full speed ahead.  She’s featured on many popular live performance blogs such as TRSH, 4ShootersOnly, and has interviewed with Dirty Glove Bastard all in 2022, with the new year approaching lots of fans are eagerly awaiting new music and hopefully, we get more unique sounds before the year closes out. A statement of intent has been made and It’s clear this is just the beginning of something special.