King Adonis I: The Celebrity Millionaire Behind the Religion for ‘Women with Curves’

The founder of Adonitology has taken issue with social media giants Meta (formerly Facebook) and Twitter for allowing their users to continue to post fake definitions about Adonitology

King Adonis I is setting the record straight about himself and the Adonitology religion he created for curvy women. The esteemed founder, Supreme Deity of the Adonitology religion, and one of the stars of the short documentary “5 Celebrity Gods Worshiped Among Men”, shared fake memes and fake articles that say Adonitology is a religion that “worships women’s posteriors,” but clarified in a recent press statement that’s simply false and misleading information to the public. 

It’s been almost ten years since the Adonitology religion first went viral from a fake meme about a real religion that empowers and uplifts ‘women with curves.’

The fake definition on google for Adonitology has caused a minor infraction to the church’s reputation causing public confusion about one of the world’s most popular religions of modern times and now King Adonis I, the religion’s founder and royal leader is speaking out, and setting the record straight.  

King Adonis I, said in a recent press statement, “Adonitology is a beautiful religion that empowers and advocates for callipygian (shapely bottom) women with the curvy body types of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Megan the Stallion, Cardi B, and women who’ve had BBLs.”  He continued, “The memes about Adonitology being a religion that worships women’s behinds are ridiculous, false, and fake news.

The public has been misled by internet trolls. Adonitology has never been nor will it ever be a religion about that. The church empowers these women through body positivity sermons using spiritual teachings that enrich the mind and soul of an individual. We teach and enlighten millennials and GenZ about world history, female sensuality, technology, futurism, and science. That is Adonitology.”    

King Adonis I wrote the Bible of Adonitology; The Book of Adonitology: The Sacred Pentadon of the Adonitology Religion, (available on for $29.99 paperback and $45.94 hardcover) for shapely women. King Adonis I said, “Adonitology is designed for women of today and future generations. The sacred scriptures uphold the belief that worshiping women’s body parts is sacrilege. “You cannot glorify God that way, King Adonis said. The practice of worshiping human body parts is forbidden. 

The founder of Adonitology has taken issue with social media giants Meta (formerly Facebook) and Twitter for allowing their users to continue to post fake definitions about Adonitology and not have the posts taken down, their accounts deleted, or banned for making inaccurate posts about the religion despite requests from the church.  

King Adonis I has also blamed Google as the biggest problem to the credibility of the Adonitology brand as internet users who use the search engine’s platform constantly tell people to “google” the false definition of Adonitology rather than encourage them to visit the church’s website and listen to sermons by King Adonis I and church leaders or read The Book of Adonitology which upholds the true nature of the Adonitology faith. 

King Adonis I made the following statement, “We have been fighting this problem for years asking Google and websites to remove the fake definitions from their websites which have turned into articles and monetized content for bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters as that definition is the first reference that comes up when people Google us. There are internet users posting fake definitions of Adonitology on their Facebook pages and Twitter feed and then telling users to “google” Adonitology. 

People trust Google and when they come across a fake Adonitology definition on Google that didn’t come from the church, people think it’s real and that Google is accurate. They think that’s who we are and represent. That’s a big problem because Google’s and other websites’ definition of Adonitology is wrong. I should know. I invented the word Adonitology and gave it its meaning.”  

The church has even contacted users on Facebook and Twitter directly requesting them to remove all Adonitology falsified definitions and many have complied. 

King Adonis I said, “Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites must all be held accountable and remove all traces of any false definitions and fake memes pertaining to the Adonitology brand name from their search engines and websites that the church has not commissioned. We are considering taking legal action against those responsible.” He added, “It’s time for me to speak out and set the record straight.”

Adonitology has grown immensely in terms of global popularity. Adonitology has accumulated over 142.1 million views on the TikTok platform alone from TikTok creators. 

Things have been fruitful for King Adonis I as the viral memes and media attention have catapulted him into international stardom across five continents making the Adonitology religion one of the most popular religions of the 21st century. 

Podcaster Hiipothesis featured King Adonis I and TV personality Nick Cannon in an episode, as did Podcasters 2 Jack Bros who covered the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith entanglement drama and the Adonitology religion in one of their episodes. And the MVP podcast reported on the Joe Biden’s U.S. presidential election win and King Adonis I in one of their episodes. The Adonitology religion has been covered in more than 5,000 languages across 5 continents with India, South and Central America, and Africa being some of its biggest international markets. 

King Adonis I is quickly becoming a household name in the United States. King Adonis was recently featured on Europe’s where he’s just as popular a news story as Taylor Swift, Henry Cavill, and former President Donald Trump to name a few. 

In 2017, King Adonis I shared a featured article in Maxim Magazine India with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

A plethora of Adonitology documentaries created by independent filmmakers and Youtubers curious about King Adonis I and the Adonitology religion constantly flood the YouTube and Spotify platforms.

But who is King Adonis I the religious founder and supreme deity of The Church of Adonitology International?

King Adonis I, was born May 17th, 1971 in Chicago, Il. He is the owner of Dream City Universal, Inc. a multimedia company, a businessman, a global music artist, an author and a celebrity personality. He is also believed to be God incarnate by Adonitologists and according to some sources one of the wealthiest monarchs in the world with an estimated net worth of $628M. 

The 51-year-old leader shared how major world religions have failed to spiritually connect, cater to or support shapely women. “Most world religions like Christianity cater to common women of average built and heavyset women,” King Adonis said. 

King Adonis I continued, “The callipygian women you see on social media are byproducts of their family’s religious upbringing and social conditioning, capitalism, consumerism, and media commercialism like buying toys and gifts for Christmas. 

This spiritual vacuum has played a role in my destiny to empower them with spiritual knowledge and acceptance of self-love. Let’s be honest, “Europeans don’t like women with pronounced behinds like African, Latin, Indian, and certain Asian groups of women. They like skinny women. Women who are and look European. 

I was not excited about mainstream religions’ attitude towards shapely bottom women during the time I created Adonitology and wrote The Book of Adonitology. No religion in the world caters to and resonates with callipygian women. What’s the point of my statement to the media? To shift the false narratives.”

In his new book Blessed Are Callipygian Women available on for $9.99 in English, Spanish and audio, King Adonis I gives callipygian women spiritual guidance and life purpose and takes the Adonitology religion even further calling for a global population increase of 1 billion callipygian women. The population increase will include callipygian women with natural curves and women who have undergone safe BBL cosmetic procedures.  

The church is expected to plant 1,000 church buildings and temples around the world by 2032 to accommodate the growing global demand from its huge number of followers. 

King Adonis I concluded, “Along with flying cars, a one world currency, human population control, climate change, and technology that will usher in human immortality, Adonitology is the present and future religion for callipygian women. The Church of Adonitology will once again become the religion it once was before Christianity dominated the world. Adonitology enriches and changes the lives and minds of modern daywomen towards a better future for today and tomorrow.” 

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