Sidney Breedlove Drops the Long-Awaited Infectious Anthem “Take It Low.”

Sidney Breedlove’s new single, “Take It Low,” has been certified a bop by fans. The infectious beat and nuanced narrative have resonated with listeners who eagerly awaited the drop.

A palpable excitement has swept across Sidney Breedlove’s fandom following the release of his new single “Take It Low.” The long-awaited track has been everything listeners have looked forward to from the artist. “Take It Low” hits home with its energetic beats, nuanced narratives, and entrancing production values. His brand of music is a distinct blend of grooves, brilliant wordplay, and a combination of various subjects that touch listeners from all walks of life.

Hailing from Columbus, Georgia but born in Akron, Ohio, Sidney Breedlove is a revolutionary artist that believes in showcasing his authenticity through his music. The drop of his new single accentuates his unique, unconventional approach to music. He has built his career and reputation on being very different from other players in the industry. Rather than chase trends, Sidney Breedlove is creating trends and waves of his own.

The multi-talented Sidney Breedlove shares that remaining true to himself has helped create authentic Rap music that resonates with fans and gets him recognition from key industry players. Having gained so much in his music career and also lost many loved ones along the way, Sidney Breedlove has a unique ability to immortalize them in songs. His music explores significant people and events, preserving memories forever.

The remarkable energy in his new single has lit up multiple stages throughout summer and going into fall. Sidney Breedlove, powered by eager fans, plans to continue creating music that showcases his unique artistry and rising the ranks as the most extraordinary artist to take the stage.

According to Sidney, his music has so much honesty because it is a value instilled in him from a young age. “I give my grandparents credit for just my teaching and my upbringing. But, I give the majority to my mom. Anyone that knows me knows my mom was my heart. She still is.” 

Music has been a path that has called on Sidney Breedlove since he was 17. When he first began, he was in a group with two friends but later realized that he needed to walk his path to get where he wanted to be.

“This was God because I don’t know where the insight came from, but I made a conscious decision to myself that: One, I was gonna talk about stuff that actually applies to me, and second, ‘I love these boys, I would die for these boys.’ But I have to separate myself to get to places I envision myself being.”

His solo career has taken off with a renewed sense of direction and continued support from family, friends, collaborators, mentors, and fans. In this new single, Sidney is proud to look back on some of the highs and lows he has experienced in the last couple of years and see how much he has grown. Every pivotal moment that has altered his life has defined the musician he is today, the incredible artist that fans are excited to engage with, and he is just getting started.

“Take It Low” is available on all major digital streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Tidal, and others. The official music video is also available for fans on Sidney Breedlove’s YouTube channel.