Timpmo: Next Up From Birmingham, Alabama to take the Rap World By Storm

The label Timpmo founded, Built2last, was launched in 2014, and it’s worked with many top-notch A&R and DJs, which has made him successful in this industry and with this project.

It requires a great deal of tenacity to work in a creative or artistic field, and the music industry is no exception. All suffer setbacks from time to time, be it as musicians, managers, agents, or promoters. Many give up and few make it through. A key to achieving your goals is to learn how to deal with disappointment and keep moving forward.

Timothy D’evon Daniels better known as Timpmo is one who tops the field of endurance. He is an American Rapper and Vocalist originally born in Birmingham, Alabama. During his early days, he had to navigate the tough streets of the state.

The situation for an emerging artist was not always the same. However, he remained steadfast in the face of obstacles. Having always been fascinated with music, the artist felt compelled to make a positive impact on the industry through his work. The Timpmo started admiring and following popular artists of the era at a very young age. He eventually recorded his own songs. Sadly, his luck turned against him and let him see the negative side of things.

But, what he is best known for is that he never gave up and he polished his skills to no end to make the most of his abilities. I am sure you will be more than surprised to know Timpmo has just released a new documentary titled (Relentless) which is a warmup for Timpmo’s new album that will be dropped on 4th July, titled “Timothy D’Evon Daniels”.”.

As one of the savviest critics, he is narrating a story about a young king battling and ultimately beating the odds despite difficulties and relationships. Throughout the album, he discusses childhood adversity, striving for greatness, strategizing his goals, and navigating the struggles of being a young black man in a culture that is unwelcoming to him.

A total of 12 tracks will be featured on the album, including tracks by thxfortheslapali,Caseyproduced, p###.trizzy, Dillygotitbumpin, 808visiousbeats, OptiVision, Trapteambeats, sbp.p###, rickkomero,  Iam10faces, 1selfdeep, kbndaproducer and Ay29areyoumad. Timpmo intends to chart this album on the Billboards with your help and the label he oversees. This will be his fifth record.

The label he founded, Built2last, was launched in 2014, and it’s worked with many top-notch A&R and DJs, which has made him successful in this industry and with this project. Make sure you keep an eye on the blaze. In comparison with the others, this album has a greater sense of maturity and development. Timpmo writes, “I can speak with peace and vindication, accepting my own imperfections, looking at my insecurities, and still making the most of every moment of life”. And that is what the sign of a person of influence is.

There’s a good chance this album and Documentary will turn into the Bible for the streets and around the globe. Do you want to be a part of it? Follow this never giving up music artists on major social media platforms if you are a true music lover and always looking to stay inspired. You can find him on:-

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