Why the Third Time’s a Charm for Philly’s Own B.Rashaad!!

“Now You Know” is an album that you can play in its entirety and has replay value and left me looking forward to what’s to come!

Fresh off the release of his latest body of work, it’s reasonable to state B.Rashaad has staked his claim in Hip-Hop. After sitting with his album “Now You Know” and listening to his two prior projects, he’s trending upwards. This project gives nostalgic Hip-Hop vibes that made me fall in love with the culture. He stated, “I wanted to get back to the feeling of when I dropped my first project”, referring to his very impressive debut album “1626”. “I had fun creating that project and there were no expectations, but once I hit those Apple charts, I felt pressure to top that, and it took the fun out of it”.

It’s legitimate to say that he has regained his form on “Now You Know”. This project stacks up against any major rap release this year. On par with those of Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar & Symba. B.Rashaad’s lyricism, vulnerability, originality, production, quality of sound, and storytelling ability set this project apart from any indie release I’ve heard to date. Starting with the Intro “Ain’t It Ironic”, he sets the tone with several scathing bars about the harsh realities of his upbringing.

“Can I Live?”, is his most vulnerable piece of art, and he goes absolutely nuclear in his second verse. “Lord Knows”, again, provides a reflection of his upbringing while still breaking family generational curses. The standout record and confirmed single, “Between Us” accomplished produced by Nyrell and features South Carolina R&B singer Bidnez. Between us tells the narrative of relieving an unappreciative, jealous, and abusive boyfriend of his duties. It’s just a dope vibe and collaborative effort!! “P.O.P” (Position of Power), is the flip side of the aforementioned “Between Us” giving the ex-boyfriend’s account of things and a skit from the late controversial Kevin Samuels.

“Our Lil Secret” is a favorite, as B.Rashaad shares his appreciation for voluptuous women. He has several quotable bars there. “Exquisite” features braggadocios rhymes and his admiration of the pricey Richard Mille watch. The project kicks up a notch on “Scoreboard” as B.Rashaad showcases his story-telling ability about an inner-city teen who turns for guidance from an older hustler. The elder statesman misguides the teen into committing a robbery that turns deadly.

There are many twists and turns that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. “The Field”, “Reality Rap”, “Real Sh*t, pt.4”, “Thought U Could Be” and “More Money, More Problems” round out the other standout records from this project. “Now You Know” is an album that you can play in its entirety and has replay value and left me looking forward to what’s coming! It’s safe to say that the genre of Hip-Hop is in excellent hands and that B.Rashaad is here to stay.

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